Upward & Forward

Leading in Crisis


At ICG Asia, like you, we recognise the impact of the current crisis. We recognise how it impacts our business, our people, our supply chain and the outlook towards the future.

We promote a new paradigm, addressing the new reality of our workplace, the new complexities in our business and the driving forces in our environment to navigate the current storms.


Leadership in Crisis

 What people need most from you now?

  • Human needs & the seismic shift
  • People needs
  • Leadership in crisis
  • Effective virtual leadership


Economic Perspective

Navogating the new economic order:

  • Economic drivers
  • New order
  • Democracy vs. Populist
  • Winners & Losers


Strategy Perspective

Steering your strategy towards Shore:

  • Do I need strategy review
  • How to be a winner
  • Modelling strategic leadership in crisis
  • Strategy tools


Human Resources

Responding to the human capital of the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Key challenges faced by organisations
  • The phases of crisis management
  • Sharing some of the recent thoughts of global HR thought leaders.
  • Preparing for a new normal


Innovation Imperative

The Innovation Imperative in Time of Crisis:

  • Comprehensive innovation systems
  • Well conceived innovation agendas
  • Embedded world class innovation capabilities
  • angible and measurable revenue increases


Customer Needs

How to identify emerging needs during and post COVID -19:      

  • Changing from looking in the rear-view mirror to anticipating the road ahead       
  • How to listen to what customers need       
  • Understanding your organisation’s ability to meet emerging needs       
  • Moving from ‘Pop-up’ to sustainable, Needs-driven operating models