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Sustainability / ESG

By Tim House

ICG Global Practice for Sustainability & ESG led by our Global Partner Tim House

Tim has held a number of senior leadership and management positions in the British Army and at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Tim has seen first-hand the impact of climate change on communities and how multi-dimensional solutions are needed to mitigate its effects. He has taken this practical experience and combined it with academic research to develop sustainability solutions for businesses.


Virtual Facilitation

David Moloney, ICG Global CEO, presents on the topic of virtual facilitation.

David has been a senior partner level consultant for almost twenty years and has succesfully facilitated countless executive off-sites, strategy formulation sessions, c-suite discussions and board meetings.
In this webinar David will share some of the best practices he has gleaned and or developed over his consulting career in an informal presentation.


Technology Enabling Business Model 

Daryl Dunbar on Technology and Business.

The technology landscape is changing more rapidly than ever before, accelerated by the pandemic. Cloud adoption has enabled new business models and some businesses are winning in the new environment. Learn what is means to have technology enable new business models and what your strategy, business and technology, needs to be in order to win.

Product Generation

It used to be that customer needs was the only way to differentiate your products and services among a sea of sameness. Now the challenge is not just to stand-out, but to innovate and transform as customer needs continue to evolve in post COVID times.
In this webinar we will share expertise on the topic of product and service generation, how to build a business case to meet customer needs and business  goals.


Operating Models

Organisations need to adjust their operating models quickly to ensure their survival, competitive position and post-pandemic growth and profit potential. 
In this webinar, we host our Global Practice Leader for Operations and Transformations, John La Vacca, who will show case some of our recent engagements with organisations revisiting their operating models.